Friday, June 15, 2012

Making of the bow-tie quilt

Over the last few months I was slowly working on a quilt to give to my friends, Pete & Alyssa. They will be having their first child later on this month. Last weekend we threw a baby shower for Alyssa and I was finally able to hand over the quilt. To make sure I didn't slack off on completing this project, I took another quilting class at Sew to Speak with Mary. During the first class Mary showed us how to make a few different designs we could use for our quilts (log cabin, wonky corners & a star one) then from there we could pick which quilt we wanted to make. I took the wonky corners design & combined it with this quilt I saw on Pinterest, which basically ended up looking like little bow-ties. Mary gave me the suggestion to make the bow-ties different sizes. (Thanks Mary!!) Pete happens to wear bow-ties a lot, so I figured this would be the perfect pattern to make for Baby Dully. Now that I no longer need to keep this project a secret, here are some of the pictures I took along the way.

(Close up of some of the blocks)

(Trying to figure out the order of the blocks)
(Hunter holding up the top side of the quilt)
(Adding the hand stitches to it) 

(Sewing the binding onto the front side of the quilt)
(Part of the quilt is folded over. Here you can see the back side of the quilt & the top side, which has the bow-tie blocks.)

 (Hand stitching the binding on the bottom side of the quilt)


And here's a link to check out the other quilts that were made in the quilting class I took.

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