Friday, December 30, 2011

Let me introduce my knitting partner!

Normally every Wednesday I have a date with my friend Meghan (Zoe & Harold also keep us company too.) We knit and watch the Sopranos. Meghan pretty much rules. I'll be sure to post more about our knitting adventures. 

(Meghan & Zoe)

December Birthday

My Mom's birthday is a couple days before Christmas. This year, one of her presents was handmade by me! Hopefully she'll be able to put this cowl to good use this winter.


 (mama newton)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cowl for a kiddo

Last weekend, I made a cowl for the most adorable kid in Monroeville, OH. This project was super easy, I used a circular needed and just did a basic seed stitch and twisted the yarn. I'm so happy the cowl actually fit her!

(photo of the most adorable Pippy Pifer by her lovely mama, Fritz)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Herringbone Cowl

Over the last couple weeks, I've been trying to make the Big Herringbone Cowl. I really really like this stitch, but it drives me crazy how the edges of the cowl roll up. I think this is going to be great to wear when it really cold outside, which will be perfect for living in Ohio. I also need to thank Meghan for helping me figure out this pattern. Meghan, is a great knitting partner!

(Part of the cowl in front of part of a painting my uncle did in 1976)
 (Picture of me testing out the cowl with a special appearance by Frankenstein)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coin Quilt - Finished!

I successfully completed my first Quilting Class & Quilt. 

(Top side of quilt)
(Bottom side of quilt)

(Juice Box)

Quilt in progress pictures:
(Cutting Fabric Strips)
(Hunter holding up the top side of the quilt)
(Top side of the quilt with more brown fabric strips attached)
(Bottom side of the quilt)
 (Basting the quilt together. This might be my least favorite part of a quilt)
 (Sewing the binding onto the top side of the quilt. Then I had stitch the binding onto the back side of it)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cat Approved!

Petunia and Frankenstein approve of the quilt so far!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quilting Class

Here's a link to my quilting teacher's blog: Recently she took a picture of the quilts a few of us are working on. If anyone has the time, I highly recommend her class at Sew To Speak.

Blanket for Baby Whalen

In less than 2 weeks I managed to finish the 2nd half of the baby blanket I started earlier this summer. I'm happy to report that after 41,055 stitches the baby blanket has finally been finished. Now Baby Whalen just needs to hurry up and get here! 

Here's the link to the pattern for this blanket:


Update, on 1/30/2012 Marion arrived! Here is a super adorable picture of her that was taken a couple months after she was born.

(Marion Whalen)

(Here are some super cute slippers type shoes I got for Marion on Esty)

 (This is a work in progress picture of the knitted blanket)