Friday, March 2, 2012

With the help of some friends...

My friend Eva owns a flower shoppe here in Clintonville (EcoFlora) and as of March 1st, she started hosting a knitting group that will be meeting every other Thursday evening. At our first gathering, I started this new project. We (me, Kelli & Meghan) have been talking about starting this project for while & last night seemed like the perfect time to start. We are making the Mitered Square Blanket from one of the Mason-Dixon Knitting Books. Kelli has made this before, so we know that it can be done! It will be interested to see how long it will take us all to finish. Knitting the squares are pretty easy. The parts that makes me nervous, will be the task of putting all of the squares together and adding on the boarder. I'll post more pictures along the way.

 (It's the making of a corner!)

 (1st completed square)

(Our finished project should look something like this.)