Sunday, June 17, 2012

New fabric means it is time to start on a new quilt!

This weekend I picked out some new fabric while I was at Sew to Speak. Tonight I decided to started on a new quilting project. Fabric strips have been cut and I figured out what order I'll most likely put the fabric in. Once I make a little more progress, I'll most more pictures and post a link to the pattern I'm 99% sure I'll going to use.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quilt Fail seems to be turning into a Quilt Save?!

Last week after I posted pictures of my quilt falling apart after it had been washed and dried, Mary emailed me and said she thought the rips could be fixed! Today I went into Sew to Speak while she was working and she helped me fix it. She suggested that I might want to go back through and add more hand stitches with the perle cotton and I do think I'm going to take her advise. Hopefully that will help toughen up this quilt! Below I have attached a picture of the worst rip that needed to be fixed. I can't thank Mary enough for all of her help!
BEFORE                               AFTER

Friday, June 15, 2012

Making of the bow-tie quilt

Over the last few months I was slowly working on a quilt to give to my friends, Pete & Alyssa. They will be having their first child later on this month. Last weekend we threw a baby shower for Alyssa and I was finally able to hand over the quilt. To make sure I didn't slack off on completing this project, I took another quilting class at Sew to Speak with Mary. During the first class Mary showed us how to make a few different designs we could use for our quilts (log cabin, wonky corners & a star one) then from there we could pick which quilt we wanted to make. I took the wonky corners design & combined it with this quilt I saw on Pinterest, which basically ended up looking like little bow-ties. Mary gave me the suggestion to make the bow-ties different sizes. (Thanks Mary!!) Pete happens to wear bow-ties a lot, so I figured this would be the perfect pattern to make for Baby Dully. Now that I no longer need to keep this project a secret, here are some of the pictures I took along the way.

(Close up of some of the blocks)

(Trying to figure out the order of the blocks)
(Hunter holding up the top side of the quilt)
(Adding the hand stitches to it) 

(Sewing the binding onto the front side of the quilt)
(Part of the quilt is folded over. Here you can see the back side of the quilt & the top side, which has the bow-tie blocks.)

 (Hand stitching the binding on the bottom side of the quilt)


And here's a link to check out the other quilts that were made in the quilting class I took.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alyssa's baby shower

Today was Alyssa's baby shower! Here are some of the pictures from the shower and I also included some pictures of the quilt I made her. For the top layer of the quilt, I made little bow-ties in honor of Pete. We ate a lot of food, talked a bunch & watched Alyssa open gifts. It was a very delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in June. Baby Dully should be making his grand appearance sometime towards the end of June. And I wanted to thank Danielle, Rachel, Meghan, Leah, Robyn & Hunter for all of their help!  



Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quilt Fail

This morning I finished the binding for this quilt I've been working on for the last few months. I put it in the washer & dryer only to find about 5 spots where my fabric pulled away from each other on the top layer. I'm not sure if this quilt is worth saving since there are so many rips in it. This was a bittersweet lesson to learn. The next time I make a quilt I'm going to give every line I sew a good tug to make sure it doesn't look like there is any chance of it pulling apart. Overall I had a wonderful time working on this quilt and I learned a lot. I'm honestly just sad that a lot of fabric was wasted. I think it's time to set this project to the side and figure out what to do with it later on.

(Top side of the quilt)
(Bottom side of the quilt)

Monday, June 4, 2012

My quilt made an appearance on Mary's blog Molly Flanders!

My wonderful teacher, Mary, took pictures of our quilts on our last day of class. By the end of that class I finished sewing one side of the binding. The only thing left to do is hand quilt the other side. Now I just need to find time to do that!