Tuesday, December 25, 2012

More Quilted Christmas Stockings

This year, I decided I'd put some of my sewing skills to use and I made a few of my friends quilted stocking for christmas.
 These were for Robyn, Ryan & Marion

 These were for Sue & Mike

Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

  For the last month Amanda, Kelli and I took a quilted christmas tree skirt class with Mary at
 Sew to Speak. Here are some pictures I took:


 I made this tree skirt for my Mom, here is a picture of her right after she opened the gift:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quilted Stocking Class

Last Friday Meghan and I took a quilted stocking class with Mary at
 Sew to Speak. Here are some pictures I took:

 This class was only 3 hours long. It was a lot of fun and Mary is a great teacher. Everyone should take one of Mary's classes!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Herringbone Quilt for Milo

Hunter and I will be having a baby boy in April. So I figured there is no better time than now to start on some projects from him. Here is the herringbone quilt I made for him:

A couple of the fabrics I got when we were on vacation in Paris. The rest of the fabric I purchased at Sew to Speak. I finished this quilt in about 3 days. Hunter's band spent last weekend recording & I spent those days sewing away!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Knitted Baby Vest

This is a baby vest that my friend Becca told me about. She found the pattern on Ravelry. This vest is super cute and pretty easy to make. I ended up giving this one to my friend Jessica for her new baby, Callum. Hopefully once he arrives he'll fit into it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Quilt

The quilt below is for my friends Jessica & Jeremy. They already have an adorable daughter and in a few months they will be adding a little boy to their family. When I decided to make a quilt for the new baby, I referred back to a picture Fritz posted on Instagram of what she was going to use for her inspiration for decorating the baby's room. Then I started looking for fabric that had hot air balloons on it. What I didn't realize was that the picture she posted was actually of HOT AIR BALLOON FABRIC! So, once I figured that out, my search for hot air balloon fabric was over.

(Fritz's instagram post)
(Design I used to stitch for the hand stitching)

(Hand quilting has been completed, now onto the binding)

(Top of the quilt)
(Top of the quilt and the back side of it)

(Fritz and I)

Sunday, July 29, 2012


This weekend we went on a road trip to Chicago. I passed the time during the 6 hour car ride adding hand stitching to a quilt. When we got to Chicago we saw Refused and Off, which was an amazing show! Then the rest of the weekend consisted of walking, eating, shopping & hanging out with some awesome pups! Huge thanks to Kate for letting us stay at her apartment!

 (We stopped in at a Whole Foods in Indy for lunch. About a half hour before I got there, I dropped the one and only needle I had been using on this quilt. So, we had to make an emergency stop before we got back on the freeway to find some more needles.)

 (Thursday Dinner at Native Foods Cafe. The Chicken Run Ranch Burger was amazing!)

 (Congress Theater)


(Hunter with Oliver & Mona)

(I found some great Cotton Yarn at a store that is walking distance from where Kate lives. It's called Nina.)
 (Hunter was spinning some yarn I purchased into a ball.)

(Friday brunch at Chicago Diner. As always, a great meal. I had the vegan version of the EGG-BISCUIT SAMMY which was: tofu on a country biscuit, with seitan sausage, creole mustard, potato hash with vegan cheese and bacon. We also shared a vegan milkshake, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that.)

 (Friday night dinner at Handlebar. My favorite thing there is the Buffalo 'Chicken' Wrap. It's great! But I totally didn't remember to take a picture until my food was half way gone.)

(Mikey, Hunter & Oliver)


(Friday night after we walked back from dinner, we stayed at Kate's apartment and watched some of the Olympics. I know, we were party animals...)

  (The next morning we had breakfast at West Town Bakery and Dinner. I guess it  used to be called Bleeding Heart Bakery. Here are two vegan donuts that 4 of us shared.)

 (After breakfast, we stopped at a record store and I spotted this postcard.)

(Oliver & Mikey)

(Hunter & Oliver)

(Hunter at the Whole Foods in Indy)

While I was putting together this post, I realized that I took a million pictures of Oliver and I didn't take any pictures of Kate. I feel like such a failure!